Supply Chain Solutions

Inventory Management

CRST STI is the perfect partner for your inventory management needs because we have flexible warehousing space, intelligent tracking technology, and transportation options already in place. Check out the following programs for inventory management or contact us to discuss your unique inventory management requirements.

Demo Program and Loaner Equipment Management

CRST STI provides management services for clients that need to ensure proper delivery, retrieval, and restoration of inventory that is loaned for temporary placement or demonstration. Each program is customized to meet your specific inventory management needs and your products, be it advanced medical equipment or office furniture. Our experienced warehouse personnel are able to clean, repair, and confirm that your equipment is properly inventoried to your specifications in our proprietary Customer Product Management (CPM) system. This enables you to have full online visibility to your products at all times and to reduce loss of inventory. You can rest assured that your products are prepared for loan or demo again as soon as the need may arise. With warehouses nationwide, your inventory management program can be regionally focused to cut down on transport costs and turnaround time, thus providing cost savings to you.

Order Fulfillment

CRST STI’s order fulfillment service offering employs the latest warehouse inventory management technology to bridge the gap between what you have and what your customers need. When an order is placed from your customer, an order is triggered to CRST STI, and we jump into action, quickly and efficiently fulfilling it. We can manage all of the product picking, consolidation, transport, and delivery aspects to ensure the professional experience that your customer expects, which provides you lower fixed asset costs and operational consistency.

Assembly and Testing

Need to be 100% sure that your product is ready-to-use upon delivery? CRST STI provides assembly and testing services for clients like you. Our product experts will meet with you and assemble a Scope of Work specifically for your requirements. We will train personnel specifically to handle your products, and we can even troubleshoot and fix issues that we find, saving you time and money in the long run. When an order is received, we unpack the appropriate inventory, assemble it, and test it based upon your requirements. CRST STI ensures that your customer receives the quality product that they expect.

Merge-in-Transit (MIT)

Merge-in-transit (MIT) is a very effective distribution model that offers manufacturing and procurement flexibility to our customers. CRST STI’s MIT service consolidates different shipments from different vendors into a single, complete delivery to your customer by having all the various parts of a product shipped to one destination point where they can be merged and then delivered. All receipts are recorded into our Customer Product Management (CPM) system so that you can have online visibility to your product at all times. With distribution centers in major metros nationwide, products can be shipped close to their final destination, thus reducing delivery costs.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Let CRST STI streamline your inventory management and order fulfillment using a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) approach. We will manage parts from multiple vendors and ensure that ownership is tracked, maintained, and transferred to the final buyer, per your specifications. Our accurate inventory planning reduces our customers’ costs by eliminating excess inventory storage and obsolete stock. CRST STI’s inventory management services appeal to many clients because of our technology and serialized approach. Whether your inventory consists of raw materials or finished products, we manage receipt, warehousing, tracking, picking, and delivery using our Customer Management System (CPM). We track by model and serial number, using unique identifiers for every item we touch. This means that we, as well as our customers, know where all inventory is always, down to its exact location in our warehouses or in transit.


Our Six Sigma approach to warehouse management helps you, our customer, eliminate waste, shorten lead times, and improve overall quality. We will help you decide which of our nationwide locations would be best for you to store your freight.
We will then develop a process specifically based on your product and requirements and finally, we will design the best warehouse layout for optimum productivity, depending on how your products will be coming in and going out. Our trained, professional staff will ensure that your goods flow smoothly and inventory arrives when and where it’s needed, in the exact quantity needed. We recognize that every customer and every program is unique, and that’s why we customize our warehousing solutions just for you.

Let CRST STI help when you need a temporary space to store products or materials in anticipation of an upcoming event or project, or if you have an immediate need that precedes a longer-term storage solution. We understand that locating the right space can be time-consuming, and leasing may be long term and not be flexible to your warehousing need.

CRST STI is an asset-based company, and we have access to all the resources that are used in the wide variety of warehousing solutions we provide.

Our spaces and resources are versatile and flexible so that we can assist whenever you need space, no matter how much space you require. Our integrated warehouse management system offers full visibility that is extended to our customers while their shipments are on the road or in the warehouse.

Contact us today to find out how we can help with your warehousing program requirements.

Project Logistics

CRST STI’s Project Logistics program utilizes our capabilities and technologies to ensure proper management of large-scale rollout and multiple timed deliveries. We offer total solutions that are ideal for the following project types:
  • National roll-out programs
  • Seasonal stores and kiosk programs
  • Multi-location construction and renovation projects
  • Hotel / resort furniture, fixture, and equipment installations
  • Product distribution programs
  • Telecommunications installations
  • ATM, P.O.S. systems, gaming equipment and display installations
  • Restaurant / food service projects
  • Theater construction and renovation projects
  • Retail fixture installation
CRST STI’s Project Logistics team takes the stress out of large projects. We provide full project coordination that ensures on-time transportation, warehousing, local delivery, and installation. We can also work with vendors, coordinate merges, manage facilities, and provide after-delivery service, including inspection, proof of delivery, and staging.

We make an ideal partner for handling tough projects. When the job spans multiple locations and requires intensive coordination, CRT STI provides a single point for account management and billing. Contact us to find out how we can plan and execute your next major project.

Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics can represent a large chuck of supply chain costs, and it is typically not very well managed.
  • onsite receipt confirmation
  • onsite receipt confirmation
  • condition assessment
  • expert load-in
  • safe transport
  • secure storage
  • professional inventory management
  • online access to information
At CRST STI, we help our customers gain visibility into their reverse logistics process by managing difficult or complex situations after the sale, such as asset recovery, returns, and product disposition management.

No matter whether items require special equipment for loading, multiple processes with difficult coordination or may just be in a remote area that is difficult to reach area, CRST STI can assist.

Contact us for help coordinating your reverse logistics program.