Industry Solutions


Sensitive high-tech equipment requires specialized handling and shipping by a company who understands of the workings of the industry because risking damage or theft to computer hardware, servers, and other high-tech equipment is not an option.

When it comes to transporting technology, we’ve perfected the safest shipping methods for your most delicate high-tech items. We understand that your business’s data is at stake, so your high-tech items must be handled with utmost care, and attention given to:

  • accessibility of locations
  • accessibility of locations
  • special equipment needed for pick-up and delivery
  • requirements for meeting deadlines
  • tight delivery windows

Whether you need to move a data storage unit, a complete data center, or relocate high-tech electronics and equipment for an entire company, CRST STI can create a solution to suit your needs.

At CRST STI, we understand that each high-tech move is unique. That’s why we use a flexible and custom approach to put together the most cost-effective solution for our customers. We get it…. time is money, and downtime is costly which is why we can work around your schedule and around the clock, if necessary.

Contact CRST STI today to arrange a custom solution for your technology and high-tech shipping needs.


CRST STI has the experience, equipment, and expertise to handle all shipping requirements in the healthcare industry. We have worked with everything from dental chairs to MRI’s, laboratory equipment, equipment stations, incubators, hospital beds, and much more.

Because we recognize that lives truly depend on the damage-free and on-time delivery of your medical equipment, we have a whole fleet of specially trained operators who handle only the most sensitive medical equipment shipments. And because each customer is unique, we are able to craft new operating procedures based on your individual needs and the needs of the freight.

CRST STI customizes every aspect of the medical equipment shipping process including loading and unloading, transportation and handling to ensure that your shipment arrives when and where you need it in perfect condition. Our blanket wrapped freight services are ideal for moving medical equipment that would otherwise be very hard to crate, but require a higher level of protection and services.

We utilize our flexible resources and experienced fleet to meet and exceed your requirements. Contact us today to find out more about our healthcare transportation solutions.


Shipping telecommunications equipment presents some very specific needs and requirements. We understand that your techs work on a very tight time schedule, so no matter whether you need the components for an initial cell site set up, items for an upgrade or service parts for continual support, you can count on CRST STI to deliver on-time and damage free. Need an afterhours or weekend delivery? No problem! We can accommodate your scheduled delivery times no matter when they might be.

When shipping fragile components for communication networks, it is crucial to know the proper loading procedures and have equipment available to secure each item properly. CRST STI’s experience in the telecommunications industry has led to our development of many customizable solutions that can be adapted to specific needs. 

    We utilize the flexibility of our resources to guarantee safe transport. The cargo logistics of each of our trucks can be staged to secure your telecom equipment according to its specifications.

    Our operators, on average have 12 years of experience, not only in transportation, but with handling telecommunications equipment specifically. At CRST STI, we can assemble a custom solution including arrangements for third-party services and equipment, such as forklifts, cranes, or any other onsite items you may require post-delivery.

    Let CRST STI’s experience and comprehensive project management capabilities make your telecommunications equipment delivery a stress-free experience. Contact us to find out how we can help with your telecommunications shipping needs.

    Financial / Leasing

    Banks, Leasing Companies and Copier Dealers need an experienced logistics company to handle their lease returns, office moves, repossessions, reverse logistics and records shipping. CRST STI ensures quality handling, tracking, and professional treatment of each item so that you and your customers can concentrate on your core business. CRST STI is prepared to handle any volume or quantity of leased equipment, from copiers and printers to even larger and more cumbersome items, and rest assured that we will perform asset tag inventory and condition reports to verify the shape of your assets upon recovery.

    Timely communication between the customer and bank, leasing company or copier dealer is crucial when deadlines need to be upheld. CRST STI’s online tracking and visibility and daily reports are perfect for easing relations with customers as well as keeping everyone informed of the exact location of valuable equipment every step of the way.

    CRST STI recognizes that every pick-up and delivery location is unique, so we have various sizes of trucks, tools and lift gates to accommodate your customers at their various locations.

    Contact CRST STI when you need a lease return solution. No matter what the requirements may be, we can handle it.


    Robotics and heavy equipment shipping can be a difficult job and it’s crucial that you choose a specialized carrier that is familiar and experienced with your hauling needs. However, this is one area where CRST STI’s depth of resources and vast experience brings great value both to the manufacturers of such machinery and the end users.

    Many industrial machines do not fit the description of common freight and require special handling and the need of blanket wrap services. Because CRST STI is asset-based, our resources can be adapted to accommodate even the largest or most unusual items.

      Rather than attempting to secure a complex machine in our existing trucks as they are configured currently, we can create a custom solution that guarantees safe, damage-free transit. This may include building an entirely new structure that secures the components of a machine.

      Timing the final delivery of robotics equipment or industrial machinery is critical. Mismatched schedules inevitably lead to lost efficiency, so our transportation solutions are developed to satisfy your timetable as well as that of the installer. Our experienced operators will work with the installer to properly remove the items from the cargo area and will even assist in light installation.

      Contact CRST STI to find out more about our industrial machinery and robotics equipment shipping.


      A proud member and preferred partner of the American Alliance of Museums (AAM), CRST STI is the clear choice for shipping your museum fixtures and fine art.A proud member and preferred partner of the American Alliance of Museums (AAM), CRST STI is the clear choice for shipping your museum fixtures and fine art.

      We offer

      • An extensive delivery network – ensures on-time delivery of your fine art shipment whenever you need it
      • Climate controlled transportation methods – keeps these sensitive items at the perfect temperature and in humidity-free conditions for the entire time they are in transit
      • Elite operators on task – trained professionals with many years of experience handling sensitive and delicate artwork and museum shipments
      • Online tracking around the clock – gives real-time information on your item’s location and status
      • Standard operating procedures for shipping museum pieces and fine art – ensures focus on details

      Damaging a one-of-a-kind relic or piece of artwork is absolutely out of the question.

      That is why CRST STI utilizes only our most experienced and trusted operators for these delicate jobs. Understandably, shipping such valuable and possibly antique items is a stressful task for museum directors.

      We offer full transparency to the process as well as the ability to be in direct contact with our operators at any time during transit. CRST STI’s proprietary technology enables Trust CRST STI to provide the care that your museum pieces and fine art deserve.

      Contact us to start developing a solution for your next valuable museum or fine art shipment.



      STI provides expertise on a wide range of office furniture and equipment offering the services that office equipment providers need by managing your inventory from “white glove” handling and delivery to reverse logistics and even professional storage.

      Whether you need desks and chairs, or expensive boardroom tables, or large format copiers and printers moved, we are prepared. As an asset-based company, CRST STI has the resources to ensure safe and secure transport and on-site handling to your specifications.

      Our transportation management and supply chain solutions are customized to fit your needs. We minimize the downtime of your customers by scheduling off-hours delivery, if needed and coordinating with installation teams so that deliveries are not stored unnecessarily or late for arrival.

        Looking for help with professional warehousing and distribution of your office furniture and equipment?  Look no further than CRST STI.  Looking for help with professional warehousing and distribution of your office furniture and equipment?  Look no further than CRST STI.  

        With 48 distribution centers strategically located throughout the United States and Canada, we can handle your:

        • warehouse storage
        • merge-in-transit
        • order fulfillment
        • reverse logistics programs

        Our warehouse management system enables full real-time visibility so that you know exactly where your office furniture and equipment is at all times.

        Trust CRST STI with the transportation, delivery, and storage of all your office furniture and equipment. Contact us today to begin crafting an office furniture shipping solution that works for your needs.


        Need help with receiving, storage, delivery and project management for new guest room installations or for refreshing your current guest rooms? CRST STI has over 30 years’ experience helping hotels and casinos and has successfully installed furniture, fixtures and equipment in thousands of rooms.

        We understand that hotel development projects are driven by unique demands. With financial pressures to open properties on time and on budget, CRST STI can manage the entire fulfillment process from purchase order to final installation, offering reliability and a flexible approach when schedules change.

        Not only does CRST STI manage suppliers and provide accurate, timely reporting throughout the project, we partner with you to ensure the success of the project by tailoring our services to fit your needs. No matter which combination of our services you need, we can put a solution together to fit your requirements, timetable and budget:

        • Project Management
        • Transportation
        • Warehousing and Inventory Management
        • First or Final Mile Pick-Ups or Deliveries
        • Installation and Assembly Services

        Contact us to find out how our hospitality shipping solutions can save you time and effort.


        Whether you are needing deliveries of store fixtures, furniture or signage to retail locations, commercial businesses, strip malls, downtown shopping centers or even airports, CRST STI can help. 

        Whether you are needing deliveries of store fixtures, furniture or signage to retail locations, commercial businesses, strip malls, downtown shopping centers or even airports, CRST STI can help. 

        We understand the intricacies of:

        • roll-outs
        • individual placements
        • kiosk deliveries
        • reverse logistics

        We can accommodate short delivery windows, complicated scheduling and multiple vendor coordination.  

        For your delivery of your store fixtures, kiosks and displays, CRST STI utilizes its blanket wrapped truckload services, highly trained operators, and years of experience in the retail industry to ensure safe delivery. We also make sure that your brand materials are delivered in the right order and at the precise times when they are needed. This may even mean that deliveries are made after mall hours or on a weekend. No matter what the requirement, CRST STI will work around your schedule.

        Contact us to find out how our retail shipping fixture solutions can save you time and effort.


        Whether you are looking for curbside, threshold or full “white glove” delivery to your customer’s home of your products, CRST STI can help.  Whether you are looking for curbside, threshold or full “white glove” delivery to your customer’s home of your products, CRST STI can help.  

        Offering in home pick-up and delivery of:

        • retail products
        • catalog orders
        • internet purchases

        Our goal is to foster an experience that represents the quality that your customers expect. From liftgate delivery to in-room installation to debris removal, we offer valuable services beyond simply dropping off product. Whether your products are household appliances, furniture or a fireproof safe delivered to the second floor, STI’s expertise of in-home deliveries and installations is unrivaled.

        To find out more about STI’s solutions for consumer products deliveries, contact us today!

        tradeshows and events

        CRST STI understands the tradeshow shipping business. We have codes for all major tradeshows and a have built a solid rapport with drayage firms, exhibit hall contractors and convention centers so that we can provide you, our customer, guidance and consulting on specific venues.

        Our dedicated on-site representatives are available to help you 24/7 on the show floor and in the marshalling yard during move in and move out.

        CRST STI has been servicing tradeshows since 1967 and continue to make over 45,000 tradeshow shipments every year.

        Our dedicated exhibit fleet averages 17 years of experience and their record for delivery is 99% on-time and a claim rate of 0%. Getting the materials to the event on-time and in show-ready condition is a task in and of itself. 

        We have the capability, capacity and experience to help with all your tradeshow shipping needs, even if you require:

        • multiple deliveries
        • last minute expedited shipments
        • international shipments
        • security escorts for high security items

        Next time you have a special event or an upcoming tradeshow, contact CRST STI. 


        CRST STI understands that your motorcycle is a prized possession and when it comes to shipping your bike, it requires special attention from loading to transport to delivery. 

        From our exclusive, custom motorcycle pallets to our soft tie-downs, no detail is overlooked when transporting your bike. 

        Our motorcycle shipping process includes:

        • reliable, on-time service
        • competitive door-to-door rates
        • liftgate trucks for pick-up and delivery
        • custom motorcycle pallets
        • secure strapping with soft tie-downs that won’t scratch the finish of your bike
        • air-ride trucks for transport
        • on-line tracking

        In addition to safely transporting your bike, we will communicate with you every step of the way. You will receive pre-calls 24 hours prior to pick-up and delivery, and online tracking is available 24/7 so that you know exactly where your bike is at all times.

        Depending on what is most convenient for you, the bike can be brought right to your door or you can pick it up and ride it home from one of our pick-up points.

        Let CRST STI help ship your motorcycle. We also have similar processes and experience moving ATVs and golf carts, so contact us anytime you need to move a motorcycle or recreational vehicle.


        No matter whether you need a vending machine, casino game, classic pinball machine, old-fashion jukebox or upright arcade game shipped, CRST STI will handle and transport your equipment with care using:

        • secure packing for damage free transport
        • liftgate trucks for pick-up and delivery
        • experienced, trained operators• air ride suspension to absorb bumps while in transit
        • on-line satellite tracking so you know where your shipment is 24/7

        While many items, such as vending machines or arcade games, may be large, they are also comprised of delicate components and technology. With that in mind, we craft standard operating procedures to fit every shipment.

        You can trust CRST STI to bring a professional level of service to your arcade game, collectible or recreation equipment shipment. Contact us today!