As a busy operations executive, your livelihood hinges on your ability to secure a top-notch transportation provider. And with customer expectations reaching an all-time high, it is important to choose a provider that offers a comprehensive range of transportation services. The provider you choose should deliver excellence — even when moving the most demanding and challenging shipments. Below are ten reasons why CRST STI is the best option for transportation services and technology.

1) 50+ years of industry excellence

The path to a perfect delivery experience begins with your selection of a seasoned logistics provider. At CRST STI, we recognize that there is no substitute for experience when it comes to your shipments. CRST clients are able to rest assured knowing that they are working with a transportation partner that has been serving customers since 1965. 

2) A stellar track record of zero-damage shipments

CRST STI are proud of their nearly flawless rate of zero-damage shipments. With over 99% of orders arriving safely and securely, our customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with choosing a five-star transportation provider. And in those very rare cases in which damage is sustained, CRST customers know that their claims will be processed swiftly and efficiently. 

3) Superb shipment tracking

Highly visible and easily accessible tracking information is vital to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction. CRST STI clients are able to quickly access their shipments from any location across the globe using their preferred mode of tracking. Available tracking options include the following:

  • The CRST STI mobile app
  • CRST STI’s online portal
  • E-mail notifications

4) White-glove service

Today’s consumers expect the highest level of service – and the transportation industry is not immune to this trend. CRST’s white-glove service is a popular option among customers who seek the convenience and security of knowing that they do not have to endure any the lifting, uncrating, or clean-up associated with the delivery of their shipments.

“For large, expensive products such as TVs or furniture, customers value predictable convenience more than speed. For example, consumers had no problem waiting two days for so-called white-glove service… Furthermore, our respondents found the white-glove service option much more attractive than standard e-commerce. And customers indicated a relatively high willingness to pay for such service.”

– Tim Laseter, Matt Egol, and Scott Bauer, Forbes

Truck driver standing in front of semi-truck with clipboard.

5) Unsurpassed customer convenience

According to the Pew Research Center, roughly 20 percent of American adults are “smartphone-only” internet users. In addition to relying on their smartphones at home, they are also highly dependent upon them as a means of conducting business. In accordance with this trend, the CRST team has made it easy for customers to track shipments, contact support staff, and request quotes from their favorite smartphone or mobile device.

6) Outstanding Trade Show Support

With the average trade show costing more than $25,000 in exhibit costs alone, you cannot afford to leave your trade show shipments in the hands of a novice. CRST have perfected their package of trade show support services to help ensure that your next trade show unfolds smoothly and efficiently. Here is a look at some of the trade show support services that we provide:

  • Pickup and shipment of your trade show display, furniture, and demonstration equipment from your facility
  • International and domestic delivery of trade show materials
  • Coordination with trade show warehousing staff to ensure on-time delivery of your materials
  • Retrieval of your display and furniture following cessation of your trade show
  • Safe return of your items back to your facility

7) International shipments

Coordinating an international shipment is a process that is best handled by an industry expert. Many international shipments require a commercial invoice, shipper export declaration, and other documents that must be completed accurately for shipment to successfully clear customs and be received. CRST’s transportation experts have years of experience in coordinating international deliveries and uses an extensive network of carriers to make sure that your international shipment is delivered without delay.

8) Safe handling of medical equipment and other specialty products

C-arms, CT Scanners, and MRI machines are all examples of medical products that can cost well over $100,000. Price tags on some of the most sophisticated MRI machines and linear accelerators can exceed $1,000,000. Whether you are shipping a $10,000 incubator or a $250,000 C-Arm, CRST has the expertise to ensure that medical equipment is delivered safely and securely. Some of the extra steps we take to guarantee safe delivery of these items include the following:

  • Crating of fragile items such as anesthesia machines, respiratory ventilators, and C-Arms
  • Blanket wrapping and padded van transportation to ensure that delicate items arrive free of scratches and damage
  • Shipment of oversized equipment such as infant warmers, hospital beds, and other large devices

9) Delivery of fine art and museum inventory

Providing climate-controlled transportation of fragile artwork, statues, and relics is one of CRST STI’s specialties. As a preferred partner of the American Alliance of Museums (AAM), we are committed to providing the best solutions for your fine art and museum assets. Most importantly, our clients receive around the clock updates on their deliveries.

10) Warehousing services

Warehousing services can play an instrumental role in helping your business grow, relocate, or expand services. Whether your current facility is busting at the seams with excessive inventory or you are seeking an order fulfillment partner, CRST offers warehousing services that can take your business to the next level. Here are some examples of situations that call for warehousing services:

  • Temporary housing of inventory during a facility relocation or move
  • Safekeeping of excess inventory that cannot be housed at your facility due to spatial constraints
  • Order fulfillment solutions to help you optimize efficiency for e-commerce businesses 

The Bottom Line

Choosing an experienced transportation provider is one of the most important decisions you will make as a business manager. Whether you are a procurement official or an operations specialist, it is up to you to make sure that your shipments arrive safely and securely at their destinations. The CRST STI team leaves no stone unturned to make sure that you enjoy an outstanding delivery experience. We look forward to serving as your trusted provider for all of your transportation needs!